Connecting you
with state of art technologies in
designing, developing and operating
electronic toll road systems throughout the world.

About us

Connecting people and establishing trading routes are still one of the highest priorities of public and private entities alike. Roads are one of the oldest and most traditional ways of such a connection, but development and maintenance comes at a high cost. Tolling as a method of financing the transportation system is a well-known practice worldwide.

Roatex is your partner, if you are looking for customized electronic toll payment solutions, with a turn-key solution to design, develop, finance, expand, modernize and operate tolling systems at the highest standards.

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Strategy & Feasibility

Collaboration & Cooperation

Implementation & Operation

Quality Assurance & Audit


Leveraging the latest technological advances, we design, develop and operate e-toll systems, which,

  • optimize traffic flow
  • decrease toll collection cost
  • minimize costs borne by toll road users
  • maximize the usage of existing infrastructures
  • adapt fully to the local conditions and resources
  • may integrate several payment methods and partners
  • may integrate various ways of toll declaration
  • and has the capability to serve as a complex ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) platform.

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We have a vast network and array of well-experienced professionals and academic experts to ensure the highest service quality. We are working with well-known, big international companies, leveraging their expertise and experience to offer proven and sustainable solutions. We combine these technologies with innovative, young, successful companies alike, who provide fresh ideas and new technologies.


Roatex’s roots are in Hungary combining and integrating the expertise of developing and operating the MLFF e-toll system in Hungary, complemented with international business development experience.

South-East Asia is one of the fastest developing regions in the world and with continuous large scale infrastructural developments Indonesia is a key player in the region. Realizing the potential in this we not only work with companies and experts from the region, but since 2019 Roatex also operates an office in Jakarta, beside our headquarters in Budapest.